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  • How are we guaranteed that our favourite music/ hits will be played at our function?
    If necessary, the client may meet us before the function at a place of our choosing. At this meeting the client may discuss his / her music preferences with us, to ensure that we will play the music that they want at the function. Alternatively, the client can e - mail us with all the special requirements or requests at least a WEEK before the function.
  • What if we want a song that is not on your list?
    With over 100,000 songs and constantly growing, our music library is quite extensive. However, if we don’t have a song/s you would like, just send us an e-mail and we will go the extra mile to try and source the specific song. In the rare instance that we are unable to locate the song you request, we will ask you to provide it to us on an USB at least one week before your wedding.
  • Can the DJ perhaps provide us a list of songs that are usually on his playlist for weddings?
    We don't have set playlists for weddings, as every wedding is different and we adapt to the crowd accordingly.
  • We want the party to go on after 00:00, how does it work?
    A fee as mentioned on the formal quotation is applicable on the night in CASH directly to the DJ present. Make sure that you have the money present, as no EFT payments will be accepted after the function.
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